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 Air conditioning sucks

I haven't been using A/C much during my FFH, preferring to make use of the driving without air strategy to reduce mpg. However today was very hot and humid inside the Philadelphia area. I made the decision to use A/C walking on home from work.

Now, on Friday last week I set a brand new record for that ride home from work (that's mostly uphill, about 7 miles) of 45.5 without A/C. My battery started that trip with a high state of charge, which helps because more electric power can be obtained to assist the inner combustion engine.

Today, with temperatures from the 95100 degree range and humidity, I set my A/C on 76 for the drive home. The A/C is driven in the electric engine. It uses lots of power in accordance with the FFH's "accessories" power gauge, especially while first cooling the car. However realized just how much impact this might don the trip home while i passed several milestones at low mpg figures. Typically its fairly easy will get 38 roughly mpg. Today, I managed to get 25.4 mpg! Admittedly, I didnrrrt drive as carefully for mpg as I sometimes do; and also the battery started at about 40% charge (and never got above about 50% in the trip due to A/C power draw).

A/C really can suck mpgs out of the FFH, especially on short trips where its on max for much of the trip through the initial cooldown period.

We have noticed the same trend, though significantly less drastic because your first experience. In Southwest Oklahoma, it is often challenging to go along with out A/C. My one of the ways commute is around 17 miles. Without AC I average about 3841 MPG, with AC the time is often a lot more like 3335.

A very important factor that we generally do is go ahead and run the AC as the ICE gets warm to normal operating temperature. This assists have the initial temperature in a car down from 120 roughly with a manageable 85. When the engine is heated and I can get in EV mode I turn the AC back away and go along with either the fan or possibly a window cracked.

Actually, you wish to make use of the AC.

The Fusion Hybrid's battery pack is cooled from your cabin's air. There is a vent within the rear seat cusion which attracts cabin air to cool down the the HV battery mounted within the trunk.

Remember that heat stress is the biggest enemy to the HV battery's longevity. If you need that HV battery to stay in pristine condition, it has to be kept cool. That is why on hot days, you WANT to run the AC.

You should periodically inspect the vent to ensure it isn't really clogged up with debris. When the battery begins to overheat, the hybrid system will behave strangely and might throw codes.

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