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 11 month old slimming down

My son is 11 months old. He previously doubled his birth weight before he was three years old and was a student in 20 lbs and 11 ounces two/three months ago. I am still breastfeeding and we're also giving him the least one pureed serving of food per day (this is foursix ounces). At our last weight check (after he previously already lost a pound), he had decreased another 5 or 6 ounces into 19 lbs and 3oz.

Our doc arrived (and raised my hackles) and basically accused my spouce and i of giving our son too much solid food and not enough breastmilk. I became still feeding him every twothree hours (not counting the solid feeding and also the sixeight hours of sleep during the night).

My issue is that as a consequence of his little speech we increased our milk feeds and our son started spitting up a bit again (which explains why we'd decreased the feeding time while he was three months old he was spitting most of it up). Additionally we added a milkfeed before giving him solids and decreased the quantity of solids (from foursix ounces as a result of two). However were concerned that he is still shedding pounds. Also, he pulls off and does not stick to for the entire feeding time. Usually about every other roughly feedings he'll almost certainly, but not each time.

I was wondering if anyone else had had a similar knowledge of their child. I must mention that in accordance with a number of places, breastfed babies will typically be between 2.5 3 times their birthweight at one year for our son that might be between 18 and 1/8 lbs and 21 and 3/4 lbs. I'm just racking your brains on if I'm justified in telling my pediatrician to stop worrying my partner about our son's eating habits?

You want a new pediatrician

I too nursed (still do at 21 mo). At approximately 11 mo of aging my baby was nursing usually Five times a day and was eating a lot of pureed and finger food. I used his hunger cues as well as a loose schedule to secure him. He's stayed steady from the 90th percentile since he was 6 mo old. Forcing more on a young child than he needs usually backfires in a major way.

If your little one is shedding pounds between appointments, and you really are feeding him everytime he indicates he needs it (breastmilk or solids) then there can be something different medically occurring that you should investigate.

Also, if the son were built with a full tummy 2 mo ago, plus an emptier one now, or perhaps a different scale was utilized, etc. His weight could possibly be off a bit. My personal baby gained under a pound from 912 mo, about three pounds from 1218. But we used different scales every time (long story) so I realize that it isn't really quite accurate but also not bother about.

Locate a different pediatrician who'll help you truly solve the situation in a constructive way, if there even is a problem. And also, don't neglect the weight reduction, in the event it is a problem.

Another thought, (still find another doctor) but a 12 month old really should have only 1624 ounces of milk and become weaned from formula (but please do breastfeed for extended). Point is by 11 mo your youngster should be receiving a substantial amount of his calories from solids, not nursing. He should consume 36 oz of solids for many of his meals, and may have at the very least 3 meals of solids. Try giving him fattier solids like avocado, fish, hamburger, etc.

Plus you say he'll almost certainly not nurse the complete feeding time babies get more efficient at nursing, and several could possibly get serveral ounces over a couple of minutes. If he pulls off and will not latch back on, he's full.

Consult a physician, however would make an effort to increase his solid foods, and introduce fingerfoods, but carry on nursing several times per day that is healthy too. Here are some links with posts I wrote regarding introducing finger foods. You may will discover them helpful.