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 10 Miami Mansions Lebron Could Transfer to Now PHOTOS

Courtesy of people at Trulia, the web real-estate data company, we've got 10 ridiculously expensive mansions which are fit for King James. No matter if or otherwise not LeBron ultimately signs a max contract, all these pads will unquestionably be affordable for your NBA player with aspirations to become a "global icon" and who signed a $90 million endorsement handle Nike while he was just 18 years.

Which isn't to state these mansions will be affordable throughout the NBA. Which pricey palace should LeBron choose? Have a look at Trulia's list below and visit Trulia's webpage to get more real-estate info.

1) I'm pleasantly surprised about the number of people are celebrating the obscene pay package some guy who puts a ball into a bottomless basket has brought, especially when it comes down at a time when the country is within serious economic turmoil;

2) I'm pleasantly surprised about the ongoing practice of athletes where they purchase incomprehensibly expensive homes, cars, and boats. As sure because the tides, an accident or age wipes them out of the sport in addition to their multimillion dollar salary and onto the shores of poverty, exactly where they started. Think about Mr. James go and save some money so he isn't reduced to selling cars.