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 Alaska Politics Blog

From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage

Brooke Miles' retirement after 25 years with APOC gets the agency looking for a new executive director. Wages are $6,022 a month.

You have to be an Alaska resident and also have excellent interpersonal skills. It probably helps to enjoy chatting on a regular basis with individuals like Ben Stevens, Dan Coffey, Ray Metcalfe, Allan Tesche and Lesil McGuire.

Here's their list of other qualifications.

And here's an AP story from January on Miles' retirement:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) The executive director in the Alaska Public Offices Commission is retiring.

Brooke Miles told the Alaska Public Radio Network that March 7th will likely be her final day at work.

It will likely be approximately the fivemember commission to appoint her successor.

Hawaii agency administers Alaska's disclosure statutes and publishes financial info on those activities of election campaigns, public officials, lobbyists and lobbyist employers.

APOC is investigating whether political candidates accepted polls illegally covered from the nowdefunct VECO Corporation.

Convicted former executives testified in September they provided about 100 with the illegal polls.

Miles continues to be with APOC for Two-and-a-half decades, the final seven as executive director.

Let me offer her credit for hanging in that room for Twenty five years. However, someone whose been with APOC for your long needs to have had forsight to acknowledge that Alaska's "political environment" had changed adversely over the past several years and that perhaps it was time to propose that changes be made towards the State statutes. APOC should not be "if derive em, join em" agency. Conversely, there exists a reason and purpose to have agencies like APOC however, you ought to let them have the equipment to use. Its somewhat far too late for APOC though, for the reason that corruption investigation has provided them a black eye. Its bad that Brooke and also the remaining APOC staff didn't have the tools that they can needed. As the corruption looks like it's taking a lifetime of its and spreading being a virus, as Executive Director, I reckon that Brooke has come to learn her limitations.

but he can't do two fulltime jobs at the same time, fulltime senator and fulltime APOC head. Maybe begich could undertake it. He claims the guy can do two fulltime jobs, senate candidate and mayor.

That's very good proof it's all about him not Anchorage or Alaska. More essential for him to remain in power as well as on the dole than tell the truth and admit he's trying to find work regular and cannot be mayor too.

Just quit mark and perhaps you might put rubini stickers on your own car and wear a tshirt together with his name about it. For your, he'd probably help keep you in macaroni and cheese while you run.

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