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 Arab tobacco

I smoke dokha, you can order it from youssef rida or other shop in UAE, there are lots of types of dokha this will depend about what kind you want, i like medium hot given it offers you a buzz and its not harsh, i never smoked it with some other pipe compared to a medwakh, for the reason that pipe head is small , ideal for a success. also don't forget to get filters and pipe cleaners since it would get blocked once in a while while. I've ever done it, it's really good. It gives you a buzz, that is just like a head rush for the bit. A tip from me, flavoured dokhs are worse to suit your needs and they also don't taste good :/ I use to own them, now I've shifted on track. Which can be a lot better. Depending on how long ou've been smoking is when strong your dokha ought to be. You ought to work with a proper medwakh pipe. Because to get your full buzz you merely need Two or three big puffs. And a head of a midwakh pipe is good for that. Another pnes, the headds are to big so you'll waste a lot of dokh. also don't forget to get filters and pipe cleaners because it would get blocked once in a while while. and they provided me with 100 small bowls for 50$ canadian money, i seen someone yesterday which in fact had a bottle that have yusif ridha's number into it and that he informed me supposibly i'm able to call the amount and they can send me it to my address and stuff. i am wondering the amount it could cost for a normal bottle, and how long it might decide to try be able to canada(knowing canadas shipping is extremely slow)

like that it could be easier to mention this, thanks

dokha is da shit, i used to be introduced by my friend who moved here from massachussetts. he's gone now on the other hand still order online. i merely ordered a bottle with their fetek yesterday evening( another one for me) and im receiving a bottle from the white that's my personal favorite and there sending me a free bottle from the emirati which m getting flavored mango. enables you to guys discover how it is all totally.