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 6 Items you Should know about About Glogster EDU

Glogster EDU is often a tremendous tool which allows teachers and students to generate jawdropping multimedia posters quickly and easily to represent understanding and share information, ideas, and opinions. As terrific simply because this tool is, you'll find things you should know about about Glogster EDU to help you overcome minor obstacles.

1) Setting Up Student Accounts

Glogster EDU generously offers free (in addition to premium) makes up about teachers and students. Each free teacher account can register approximately 100 student accounts under it. Teachers are able to see student work, moderate comments, send and receive messages with students, and reset student passwords. With the free version, the teacher is not able to alter the student usernames. Even though some teachers like to create precisely the same password for all those students, I don recommend it it becomes too feasible for students to sign into other students accounts.

Here is a handout with many advice for teachers wanting to setup student accounts

2) Uploading Images Is Sometimes Glitchy

Glogster EDU allows users to upload images to utilize within a glog (graphical + blog = glog). When a picture is selected for upload, it typically appears within the portion of the Glogster toolbar. Occasionally, the image does not appear but be assured, it is there. Should this happen to students, ask them to click to an alternative category including or and after that to More often than not, the uploaded picture appears in the list of images uploaded.

3) Wall Choices Sometimes Disappear

Glogster EDU allows users to select stunning background By default you can find 26 pages of walls to select from. Users can also select their particular images to upload being a wall background or can make a good color. Occasionally, when a user selects an excellent color or their unique picture to get a wall, then would like to reselect one among Glogster wall choices, this list of pages is reduced to just several. Why? I've no idea. The perfect solution? Have students save their current be employed in Glogster, log out, then log back in as well as the wall choices reappear.

Several Wall Categories to select from

After choosing the solid color for any wall, categories for other wall choices sometimes disappear

4) Sometimes Your Mouse Cursor Disappears about the Poster

The Glogster EDU application runs in Flash through your web browser. Occasionally, when working on the glog, a button cursor appears to disappear when placed over the Flash element. I believe it is a Flash issue rather than a Glogster quirk. Regardless, the simplest way to rectify this really is to try to log out then log back into Glogster and the mouse cursor reappears.

5) Your website Sometimes (but Rarely) Goes Offline

Utilizing a web 2.0 application ensures that you happen to be be subject to your website. In the event the site goes offline, does your skill to function in your project. Glogster sometimes (rarely, but they can) takes the website offline to upgrade certain components. The good news is that scheduled site maintenance is communicated to users from the Glogster messaging service that may be seen about the dashboard. While you sign in together with your class, be sure to look for messages from Glogster regarding upcoming site maintenance.

6) The Good News is can Monitor Student Work. Unhealthy News is can Monitor Student Work

After introducing Glogster EDU to a group of grade 5 students on a Friday, students gleefully went home for that weekend wanting to try their favorite webbased poster application from home. One young student returned Monday morning having created 9 posters, do not require educational in nature and several ones containing content which was questionable regarding appropriateness for college. The teacher felt compelled to watch student work and would have been a bit focused on the excess work involved in handling the glogs students were creating in your own home.

Whereby you constantly to have a conversation with students as well as set expectations for use up front. Anything you accept to being a class, even if you as being a teacher don check daily on student content, your students will likely selfmonitor the work other medication is posting. At the same time, use a conversation in what varieties of text articles are appropriate between classmates. With this sense it is a tool that quite definitely fits with a Universal The perception of Learning classroom. Knowing a few of the logistical quirks on this or any tool will hopefully assist in keeping the target on learning.

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