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 67K for Sacramento school for homeless kids VIDEO

appeared included in the show's second annual Charity Week, this featured the kind of Ozzy wife/competition judge Sharon Osbourne, Disney Channel personality turned competition judge/person with whom That's not me entirely familiar Demi Lovato, legitimate Georgian housewife NeNe Leakes, and boyband brothers Nick and Drew Lachey. (An entirely perfect group for Sir Charles to join, obviously.) Host Drew Carey showed Barkley five products in a way related to him and as has a tendency to happen on Price is Right asked to recognize their retail value without exceeding the right price.

He couldn't get within $3 in the right mark for the DVD of Who's Talking Now, in which he made a cameo playing basketball against a tiny child, or within $10,000 of the retail price of the Cadillac Escalade, but was in the ballpark on the set of two Nike Air Max Barkley sneakers, a black dress and a pair of size 15 heels from his Weight Watchers commercial along with a 1988 basketball card of TNT broadcast partner Kenny Smith. The charge for the 25yearold cardboard, mustachioed in Sacramento Kings powder blue? One dollar, 50 cents. (Ouch.)

By getting three answers right, Barkley won $300 for starters lucky audience member. But beyond those winnings, Barkley was also accumulating money for charity specifically, the Mustard Seed School in Sacramento, Calif., a totally free, private school for homeless children between the ages of 3 and 15.

NOTE: Within the interest of full disclosure, as a result of annually my wife put in Sacramento while associated with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, I know multiple those who have worked at Mustard Seed, like the school's director, Angela Hassell; Furthermore, i went along to college with Hassell. She is great, and so could be the school.

Bill Lindelof in the Sacramento Bee has more:

When contestants won $11,000 trips to Tahiti or possibly a new car, Barkley won the price of the prizes for Mustard Seed.

Halfway over the hourlong show, host Drew Carey announced that the school had already won $32,398. Barkley said, need some more. would have been to get considerably more once the next contestant won, bringing the whole to $41,996.

Then a contestant won a motor vehicle, and Mustard Seed sold, bringing the total to around $59,000. And then, Barkley himself hit big bucks in the event the former AllStar known as Charles spun a big wheel and won $8,000.

That brought the entire for Mustard Seed to $67,633, which can go a really, really long distance for the place that only educates homeless kids, but offers them with food, clothing, shelter referrals, medical and dental screenings, immunization updates, counseling (for youngsters as well as their parents), help getting into/back into local public schools and much more. As of yesterday, Hassell told the Bee's Lindelof, about 35 children were enrolled at Mustard Seed; kids typically stay for three weeks to some month while parents search for stable housing options, so turnover's pretty high, meaning the need's ever present.

are thrilled, Hassell told Lindelof, and it is straightforward why. Good on you, Charles, and massive ups on the daughter of your Mustard Seed volunteer who works together with Barkley's PR team as well as set him on top of the children's charity. Beautiful out.

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