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 705 Persuasive Paragraph an issue affecting New York City

Family requested help solving hate crime!

I already know that there was obviously a crime and someone died. The family was very sad. I want to understand that will the 4 blacks men likely to have death penalty. Would they planning to get the men? I found out about this topic this guy name Jose died because someone kills Jose for your racism whenever they find the four men that kill Jose they'll reward them 27,000 for help. They want some men since they kill Jose and they also hit him with a baseball bat and a glass bottle.

I do think that there should be Obama coin because he is indeed popular. I strongly believe that there must be Obama coins because he may be the first Black president anf the husband is quite popular. First there are plenty of people that wanted Obama coins. Second it could possibly worth a good deal because people need it for ten dollars to get a $ 1 Obama coin. Also people stated it should be either gold or silver otherwise it will not be worth anything. You people also need to support about the thought of having Obama coins.

I strongly believe we should do items to help protect the planet from climatic change. To begin with, global warming means our planet temperatures are rising, an average of. Such things happen when greenhouse gases trap heat and through the sun in Earth atomsphere. This hurts lots of people, animal and plants, in which died for this, polar bears by way of example. Secondly, global warming has effects on many parts of the entire world. Celebrate the sea rise, and when the sea rises, water covers many lowlanded islands. This can be a very big problem for plants, animals, and people who lives in the area. Finallly, our planets atmosphere warms water in oceans, it harming and killing algaes in a terrible way. What we are able to do to help you saving the Earth is to turn off lights, televisions, and air conditioning if you don't require them. Most significantly, don use a dish washer, disposal or perhaps a hair dryer if you possibly could, simply because they results in a great deal of greenhouse gases.

Our planets atmosphere I strongly disagree with Climate change it the greatest thing to consider. The very first reason is the fact that men and women die from this example global warming put a lot of pollution in the air. Those who breath in the bad air they're going to have an illness and they're going to die. Second is that climate change is destroying the entire world. For example In Nyc the weather has been evolving. It suppose to snow in December but it a sunny day in The big apple. The next reason is the fact that polar bear will not have an area to reside because if global warring. Their education go up and and arctic and ice is staring to melt. In concluding I strongly disagree by it. By Da Feng

I believe the United States shouldn't have iTax. I think that because having iTax would stop people from buying music. I would not think it could profit the United States with iTax. I do think that besides iTax, there could be something help that will help the us. When there is iTax, people would likely waste your money on music to use their iPods. The United States will get many different ways instead of iTax. Because of the tax as well as the downloading taxes, the Americans would likely get mad with the iTax. I do believe iTax does not help america whatsoever. It would just keep people away from buying music and the United States financial would run low. Also, there are several approaches to help run the financial of the us.

I do think there mustn't be taxes for every song they download. Maybe there needs to be tax for each 10 songs they download. However i know there should not be taxes for each song people download around the iPods.

There are several solutions to raise taxes. They could raise taxes on clothing, food, etc. However do not think there must be tax on iPods for every song.

I think there shouldn't be any iTax in america.

I strongly believe dui is bad. To begin with, if you are drunk and you're simply driving, you can crash in a person, or perhaps police. You may get arrested for that. Secondly you'll be able to die by crashing into a building or set you back a river. Driving under the influence brings chaos. Create a large amount of drunk drivers locally, it's going to bring total destruction. Finally, you litter. When you drink an excessive amount of beer, you obtain drunk and you also litter empty bottles inside the streets. That, you may get a flat tire, plus much more.

I will be strongly up against the tax and I think they must not raise the tax if we are going though difficulty in the financial issue in the world right now. First of all, the tax will make the poor people harder and harder becoming a section of the society. Secondly, the tax will make us be unable to afford many things we want to have. Last, we could lose lots of money, because we have been wasting too much money on the tax we've to cover now. To summarize, I think we ought to not boost the tax, and they should find an additional way to solve the challenge rather than just raising the tax.

I believe that we ought to not raise the tax. There are many folks that avoid getting as much pay as others, and they also can't risk making money because things are all a greater price. That may bring about a lot more suicide and stealing, maybe ever murders, since people will get depress of handing over a lot money per thing. When people avoid getting enough to secure themselves or themselves they'll do thing which will get them in trouble. To summarize there mustn't be high taxing, because it will turn our community inside a even worst place.