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 A Beginner's Guide to using Social Media for HR

Note : In teaching my HR Technology Class whenever we reach the topics of Social media marketing, I am always seeking resources I'm able to direct the student's towards to higher see the complex topic. This guest post does a very good of covering many of the basics along with the important issues enjoy!Flickr alles schlumpf

This guest post is actually Natasha Stone, the Social websites Marketer for Silicon Beach Training, a UKbased training company. Silicon Beach Training offer massive amount Business, IT, Management and Social Media courses, including HR Training.

Whether organizations embrace it or otherwise, Social websites is seeping into organizations big and small. when unions leverage Facebook for doing things, or when an employee behaves inappropriately on Twitter.

There no doubt that Social networking has huge benefits for sales, marketing, PR and customer services. It tricky defining that's responsible for social websites with certain issues falling between HR, marketing and customer services. This is when strategy or a social media policy is necessary. The HR department must at least have a look at social media and choose which roles individuals within the organisation must take.

From legal issues and reputation management to recruitment and improving internal communications, the implications actually are endless; below are a handful of key ways that HR departments can adapt as a result of social websites.

This is the greatest along with the most established HRrelated utilization of Social websites. Just type social media for recruitment into Google and you find a good amount of help. LinkedIn should be the best position to do this if you choosing the key internet sites using a wide range of professional users and extensive CV info on their profiles. New LinkedIn changes mean that you are able to announce new recruits on the LinkedIn business page, as well as listing previous employees. This really is of use to marketers but it also a good way to communicate with your employees, past and provide. opening with an SEO working in brighton! Details here: http:// In addition to a blog, many might also create a podcast being a more engaging way to explain your company as well as the employment opportunities.

As you can tell, these social networking platforms belong to no department of a business and must be comanaged with marketing, sales, admin, customer services and HR owning an input. Bearing that is mind, you might will probably like using a Media Officer to coordinate these efforts.

This can be a tricky area; personally I wouldn recommend making a Facebook page to encourage staff interaction and feedback. It will take staff to signing in and look it and Facebook remains to be connected with private rather than business use. invite employees to a LinkedIn social media group to encourage the crooks to engage, or run scheduled Twitter discussions with participants tagging tweets having a relevant hashtag. Asking for employee opinions or ideas on these platforms is a fantastically easy way to welcome new staff and to make all staff feel important.

Again the road between HR and marketing blurs: certainly marketers will be the main visitors to use Twitter, but HR should apply it to recommend employees work in order to praise them for the project.

Training can be a key area where social media marketing can be really beneficial, with ongoing discussions running within your LinkedIn groups and employees asked to share their knowledge and discuss tips. You may also use these groups for career development, with advertisements of possible new openings. Using LinkedIn will provide you with use of online CVs of the staff, which you'll want to cause them to update. When employees leave the company, you'll be able to leave a recommendation on their own profile.

Naturally you can create much of this yourself internal network; but why bother when this is all mobile, readymade and free? One huge advantage to carrying this out publicly on LinkedIn (content in just a group can be created private, but your group size / name plus your business page are public) is the promotion for your business. You are going to look like a contemporary and engaging employer; excellent for when you wish to recruit with LinkedIn. You don't only attract top talent you can also retain them.

Time for the question of departmental responsibility for social networking: your LinkedIn activity will demand a private account to administer the viewers(s), pose questions and earn recommendations. I would suggest having one to your Md and then your Head of HR, in order that all activity is entirely transparent.

Use Twitter to have advice from fellow HR professionals by tagging a query with relevant hashtags (hours humanresources and hr are all in popular use). For LinkedIn networking see LinkedIn numerous jobs and HR groups, such as a huge group with almost 300,000 members. It is possible to share links in news reports sections, post vacancies inside the Jobs section, or start up a conversation.

Alternatively pose something to any or all on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn categories for questions can be a huge muddle but you can decide on and Benefits Policies and and Recruiting all from the and Recruiting umbrella, helping you to reach a tremendous variety of HR professionals. People choose categories they enjoy to answer questions in, so alternatively try a different category like or and Education to succeed in some other kind of respondent. You see that some categories do overlap, so that it worth putting some questions from the two allowed categories.

Many in HR aren yet building success out out of social media marketing, because management fear a loss of profits of control, legal concerns, unclear ROI and possible reputation damage. However your employees will probably be using Social media marketing if it for a little marketing or for a private rant about work. Therefore an area the location where the HR department has to get started is policy.

A Social media marketing Policy needs to be short a maximum of two pages of guidelines to ensure employees can see and digest it. There are numerous questions that may arise (one common concern is ownership of networks and purchases leads when a staff member leaves) that need to be addressed and spelt out. Facebook is probably not the place to encourage your staff to go to during working hours, but a Facebook Page is really a spot to advertise your company and showcase occupations.

Defining the role Social websites plays on your business will require working closely to departments. I like this short Social media marketing post which says which Department owns Social networking is a lot like asking which Department owns the Paper Social websites is occurring whether HR enjoy it you aren't; the earlier we address it the higher.

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