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 A Curriculum for Excellence in Stirling

A useful resource to support this can be Writing Journals by Lynda Graham and Annette Johnson, UKLA. It is a small booklet according to action research into the use of a social model ofwriting journals.This Midlothian literacy project dedicated to close reading and inferential comprehension. The project aimed to plan methods to offer the teaching of reading at levels B and C, embedding formative assessment, included in an initiative to increase attainment.The novel 'The Fish in Room 11' by Heather Dyer was chosen to supply teachers which has a range of reading opportunities that could engage children and teachers enthusiastically in purposeful reading activities.The strategies provided can be used to novels, and also have been instrumental in developing teachers' confidence in embedding formative assessment strategies.Adifferent way of Homework which allowschildren personalisation and choice in their homework. Included below aresome instances of Homework that is currently going on.Mary Queen of Scots Wallace and BruceWorld WarIIAnother way of Homework has been conditions Site to help expand engage youngsters with their learning out of school. Simply click on the link below to look at you to definitely another innovative procedure for learning and teaching. The pupils experienced an array of difficulties in the writing process from complete disaffection to a particular needs.In the end the pupils were motivated and produced a completed piece of content that they can could present to other children and were happy with. Follow on on the image below more information.Ian Smith Keynote presentation on Motivation, Learning and Assessment. Ian discusses some key issues: Why AIFL is a superb initiative, shifting ideas about motivation, different types of classrooms and achievement mindsets. As ever Ian could provide practitioners by having an chance to decide on their current practicebut also to provide practical examples of ways forward inside classroom. Those two files are extremely large if an opportunity to avoid wasting appears i quickly indicate you either save the file for the harddrive on your desktop or a portable sd card.)Below there is also a quantity of the workshops that came about at Balfron Senior high school through the February inservice. Click on about the title with the workshop to learn more.'Feedback to your pupil ought to be about the particular qualities of his / her work, with tips on what they might do to improve, and really should avoid comparisons with other pupils. feedbackshould give each pupil guidance on how to improve, each have to be given opportunity and help to just work at the development.'Children Posters and ActivitiesThis presentation and the accompanying activities can be found in the resources area of this Blog.Elaine Wyllie presentation on formative assessment throughout the Wallace Cluster over the task about the Titanic.Dunblane Primary way of rich questioning to encourage and interact children thinking skills.Bannockburn Primary journey thus far withAifL by embedding a number of formative assessment strategies.Making Learning Visible to Childrena familiar and exciting learning environment in college where children feel safe and assured, where learning is active, challenging and enjoyable.'