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 Adam Lambert heads out on

Adam Lambert becomes some much needed rest and relaxation. The "American Idol" runnerup may be going full tilt cell phone better section of four months, promoting his debut album "For Your Entertainment" endlessly and building a number of public appearances in the act. He gave an infamous performance at the American Music Awards, arrived on "Oprah," and even made a brief publicity tour in Toronto. Therefore, it's no wonder that the singer would try and take in a little rest.

Adam made the announcement which has a brief Twitter posting on Wednesday proclaiming "Ciao!! Vacation!!!!" Since we're not exactly getting a a lot of extra hints there, Adam's vacation could be almost everything; maybe he's just sitting around his house watching movies.

However, if I ended up being to bet I might claim that the "ciao" clue means he's somewhere in Europe getting away from the endless stream of paparazzi following his every turn.

We realize Adam won't be away for too much time: he's scheduled to execute at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino in Indio, California later this month; tickets happen to be extremely hard to come by, but it seems like one 89year old fan will likely be making a look.

Any idea what Adam does for his vacation? Make me aware your thoughts and stay tuned for additional "American Idol" news.

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Adam was the top he has ever been on The american idol show. I voted on the phone for him to win. After he got off the show, he changed into a freak show with lack luster performances as well as an a corny, poorly written and produced turd of a an album. The music doesn't even show case his real singing talent. I cannot buy it. And "for your entertainment" comes with a overly sleezy connotation that's usually restricted to X rated movies, sites and porn. The 1st show together simulating oral sex was Way over Madonna or any other star ever tried because it featured 4 to 5 suggestive concepts like that in a video. He experimented with act as if hey Madonna and Britney can kiss so just why can't I make believe have have a very guy swallow my sausage?? No big deal right? More importantly, the CD just merely is horrible! As well may i say? I've never witnessed an Idol disintegrate so rapidly. To bad Adam is really swept up on raunchy sex rather than using his voice.

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